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The Body Solutions Rx supplement store ONLINE Life Prime by Daniel Riedel PRIME weight loss BLOG on what happened to hcg diets and hcg weight loss diets, the truth and the realities. Presented and researched by CEO and Owner of Body Solutions Rx, Daniel Riedel. PRIME diet, PRIME weight loss, PRIME chat.Weight loss surveys and hcg diet surveys by Body Solutions Rx for health education and statistics.

Weight Loss Surveys - Diet surveys for the FAST DIet, gereral weight loss and fast weight loss

Current Weight Loss Surveys - Pick One weight loss Survey

Get a coupon for 20% off your order no matter how small! And you will be helping us collect data to better serve our body solutions clients' and YOUR needs!

Note: For those who have used our PRIME Appetite & Weight Reduction FAST diet program before and are considering again, please fill out survey #3.

SURVEY 1: Weight Loss General Survey
(53 Questions) CLICK HERE

This survey is designed to collect informaiton related to those who are overweight, and the factors that may contribute to weight gain, weight retention, and the success/failure of our people on diets and weight loss programs.

This information will allow our company to better understand the needs of the public at large, and help refine products and services that will TRULY HELP the public move from a place of ill health to that of one of success and long term weight loss and an improvement in overall physical and mental wellbeing.


SURVEY 3: For those who have gone through our FAST diet weight loss programs before and may be doing another FAST weight loss program, FILL OUT THIS SURVEY for your coupon
(14 Questions) CLICK HERE

This survey will allow our company to assess what customers who have used the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction FAST diet for an aggressive, fast weight loss program experienced.








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