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OPTIMUM BODY™ System - Balance | Optimize | Lean Muscle | Reduce Fat | Energ

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New Low PriceNEW OPTIMUM Body™! - Designed as a multi-faceted, safe and effective solution for young adults, adults and the elderly.

Stop Medicating. Start Healing. The Healing Revolution is here!

Release and lose body fat with OPTIMUM Body

Imprive lean body mass with OPTIMUM Body

Balance glandular functions and glands with OPTIMUM Body

Balance hormones with OPTIMUM Body

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The Science Behind: OPTIMUM Body™
The P.A.T.H to optimizing your body's potential for natural health and fast weight loss!

Referred to as The "P.A.T.H+" by Life Prime International, The P.A.T.H+ is an acronym for several important glands that, when out of balance, have been linked to glandular and metabolic imbalance. This imbalance may be linked to excess body fat storage, diminished libido, low energy and fatigue, hormonal imbalances that worsen the symptoms of menopause and andropause, alter moods, and much more. These glands and organs are the following: Pituitary • Adrenals • Thyroid • Thymus • Hypothalamus and let's not forget the Liver!
Follow The P.A.T.H+ for optimal health AND for a successful fast weight loss program. Life Prime International uses effective and powerful - yet gentle - homeopathic Supplement Ingredients in this unique formula as a solution for your body to help balance The P.A.T.H+ These glands and their hormones are responsible for metabolism and many essential functions in the body, perhaps even the way people store fat, or don't store fat, on their bodies. Some researchers believe imbalances in specific glands produce certain "body types" and weight-gain patterns. OPTIMUM Body™, as a solution, strives to help the body balance those glands. All in all, the synergistic effect of the Supplement Ingredients in OPTIMUM Body™ are more than the sum of the different constituents, and the integrative concept behind the formula gives it a broad and deep impact.
By using 18 HPUS homeopathic Supplement Ingredients together with 3 specialized non-HPUS Supplement Ingredients, OPTIMUM Body™ covers all the necessary angles as a body solutions for improved health. Life Prime International has formulated this advanced, modern formula to target the glandular and systemic imbalances that may contribute to excess weight and many degenerative processes in the body.
After more than 200 years of clinical and non-clinical use, homeopathic medicines and products have had NO recorded negative side effects and NO negative interactions with other drugs, and were the first of all the natural remedies to be registered with the FDA as pharmaceutical products. Life Prime International offers a targeted line of homeopathically based remedies that are powerful, research-tested formulas, in a safe and effective delivery system.
Life Prime International LLC is dedicated to research and education for the development of improved, safe health care solutions for the body - for clinical and non-clinical use.

*We utilize the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (recognized by the FDA)

*Our bottles are pure glass, with no chemical interactions.
7% OFF Online blue buttonOPTIMUM Body™ is for the relief of excessive appetite, cravings, overeating, constitutional tendency to gain fat, ravenous hunger, cravings for sweets and starches, excess weight, abdominal fat, and water retention, and improvement in the balancing of the body's systems for improved overall health † as per various homeopathic Materia Medicas.
• Helps balance The P.A.T.H+ of glands, organs, metabolism, and appetite

• Can be used with any fast weight loss program or alone
• Tested hormone free
• NO Alcohol • NO Dairy • NO Gluten • NO Sugar • NO Yeast


If symptoms persist or worsen, or if pregnant or nursing, take only on advice of a health care professional. Keep out of reach of children.


Initially depress pump until primed. Hold close to mouth and spray one dose directly into mouth.

Other information

• Tamper resistant for your protection. Use only if safety seal is intact.
* Tested PRIME or OPTIMUM free

Inactive Supplement Ingredients:

Pure water based, with Ethanol and Glycerin as stabilizers.

Life Prime International has chosen to protectively go beyond the current PRIME diet for fast weight loss. OPTIMUM Body™ is a much more comprehensive and complete approach to whole health and fast weight loss, rather than restrictive diets famously promoted in conjunction with illegal products. Some people are candidates for restrictive diets while others respond better to a more comprehensive approach.

Always on the cutting edge, Life Prime International addresses many hormones and glands in their formulas to naturally balance body functions, body weight and related symptoms (hunger, appetite, etc). By addressing The P.A.T.H, Life Prime International has gone far beyond just PRIME or OPTIMUM.

The next generation of weight management!

We have taken our formula to the "next generation" for fast weight loss and appetite control with the time-tested approach of homeopathy.
Life Prime International has combined specific HPUS and non-HPUS Supplement Ingredients to bring into balance the hormones and glands that, when out of balance, contribute to fat storage on the body: Liver • Pituitary • Adrenals • Thyroid • Thymus • Hypothalamus.

What about diet?

With Life Prime International's OPTIMUM Body™, there is no need to restrict your calories, thereby allowing a majority of people to lose weight at a comfortable rate, all while balancing glandular and hormonal functions. While using our homeopathic formula to help balance the glands and hormones responsible for appetite and weight, Life Prime International™ promotes consuming a nutrient-rich, whole food diet focusing on complete proteins, alkaline vegetable sources, and select fruits. Life Prime suggests consuming an average of 1200 calories of these foods while focusing on fat loss.

OPTIMUM Body™ is designed to safely complement any and all fast weight loss and weight management programs.
Homeopathy, with its long history of safety, has NO known contraindication with any other medications. That means anyone following a fast weight loss program or who are on hormone replacement therapy (hrt) or other programs or products, including programs prescribed by physicians, can safely use this formula, too.

Follow The P.A.T.H+ for a balanced body and the creation of a healthy lean body.

With our combination of homeopathy to balance the gland, hormones, and symptoms such as hunger, appetite and low energy,, customers have reported they have found it much easier to adopt healthy lifestyles.

In summary, Life Prime International's OPTIMUM Body with The P.A.T.H+ aims to cover all the issues, utilizing the successful track record of homeopathy to correct the glandular and physical imbalances leading to excess weight.

Stop Medicating. Start Healing. The Healing Revolution is here!

Alternative to PRIME ; Improves glands, hormones, lean tissue and whole body metabolic balance - Not just for fast weight loss!

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(ULTIMATE Body Substitute till April 1, 2014 - Same Formula)

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