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Oral PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction™ Programs are offered exclusively through our company and overseen by our network of providers, with an affordable price so all people can achieve their goals. A comprehensive, evidence-based approach helps most customers lose substantial fat weight based on the BodySolutionsRx protocol and our unique system, while learning new habits that will ensure continued success. Programs are available to customers in all 50 states, US territories, and several foreign countries.


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PRIME Hcg Diet Program Details

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Some customers are reporting more fast weight loss and Greater INCH loss than expected.

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BodySolutionsRx has been a leader in fast weight loss programs since 2006. Due to the demand for alternatives, BodySolutionsRx developed an extremely effective alternative natural oral PRIME Diet™ spray for the Hcg Diet that is:

NON pharmaceutical
DOES NOT require a prescription or physician's consult
DOES NOT require the use of injections
NO blood tests
NOT mixed with narcotics such as phentermine
EASIER to use then drops
TRAVELS well and does not require refrigeration
MANY 1000's of successful customers.
Legal and SAFE to use!


Do you or someone you know want a program that does not require drugs or the use of shots? Were you disqualified due to medical issues?
Our natural PRIME fast weight loss™ program will now allow you to achieve the same results without the use of pharmaceuticals or injections, and is safe for people who have been disqualified from other programs.

To date, BodySolutionsRx has found that oral PRIME fast weight loss™ has overtaken and has proven to be more effective method for fast weight loss then the original method of a - now illegal - fat loss injection or fat loss shot.


PHASE 2: PRIME Hcg Diet Basic Programs

1 and 2 Month
Programs ($)


PRIME Apptite and Weight Reduction Program™ - for the HCG Diet

(1) 1 OZ. Bottle / 4 Weeks

PRIME Appetite and Weight Reudction for the HCG Diet is regularly $99.95, one sale now for $74.95

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PRIME Apptite and Weight Reduction Program™ - for the HCG Diet

(2) 1 OZ. Bottles / 8 Weeks

PRIME Appetite and Weight Reudction for the HCG Diet is regularly $169.00, one sale now for $126.95

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The hCG Cook Book - NEW and Revised! (PDF Digital)

hCG Cook Book

hCG Cook Book

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