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  • Dr. Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN has recently taken on the role as CEO of Body Solutions Rx, Inc. Through years of education and hands on skills, Daniel has helped the company thrive and grow from a small clinic to a large national company.
  • Body Solutions Rx, Inc. is now entering a new phase of development with national clinics focusing on re branding and attention to higher standards in production. Body Solutions Rx, Inc. strives to improve the health and functioning of individuals on all levels.
  • For questions regarding business or finance, please contact the clinic at 1-719-228-9035. Questions pertaining to customer accounts, sales or ordering should be directed to 719-963-1750.

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Newsletter Date: December 11, 2016


Thank you for taking the time to come to our website Bodysolutionsrx.com, we thank you for your patronage and interest.

If you were a previous client of Body Solutions RX since it's inception in 2003, or a current client utilizing our products and programs, I would like to personally welcome you too Body Solutions Rx and our new focus for the new year and going forward.

If this finds you in error, please let us know so we can take your email out of our system.

A lot as happened over the last 12 years. Our company has gone from a primary medically based hormone replacement therapy center based in San Diego, with medically supervised programs for weight loss and anti-aging, to a homeopathically driven supplement and PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction (HCG Diet) weight loss company.

As we move into the new year and beyond, we are preparing to invest time and resources in new programs and products that are natural in nature and allow the body to heal itself without pharmaceuticals. We are already one of the top providers, since 2006, of the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction (HCG Diet) weight loss diet that has now become a homeopathically driven, do it yourself, program. Almost all our clients who have used the injectable method in the past now utilize the homeopathic program and receive the same results. We are happy to report that we no longer need to use pharmaceuticals for this program. And at the same time, we have had some interesting and wonderful new observations come from client use of our products and the programs. This information will be available mid December in a new press release.

At this time, especially for those clients who utilized our services years ago, I would like to thank you for reading this post, and visiting our website again. My interest at this time is not to sell you, but rather become reengaged with previous high-quality clients from different industries for both networking and my own personal interest in advancing my own education and social circles and find some common ground for growth.

As the owner of Sody Solutions RX, Life Prime, and the Life Prime Foundation for Charitable Giving, I would love to hear from you again. Much has changed over the years, and as both myself and my business evolve in the coming years, it is my interest to learn and grow as much as possible on a daily basis. This is both good for me, my business, and those around me I believe.

I would love to hear more about you, your life, your interests, and possibly we will have something in common going forward.

If you're interested in signing up for our newsletter, which we will post monthly, mostly around health and weight loss information, please do so at the top of this page at the link provided. I would also love to hear from you on Facebook or other social platforms.

Our company still offers our products at wholesale prices for clinics and spas around the country, special coupons for past clients for significant savings (see the bottom of this page), and our popular weight loss and health products and programs for consumers.

Look for my new book on PERMANENT STRATEGIES FOR WEIGHT LOSS coming out mid January, I will be sending out free copies in digital form to those who are interested.

Again, thank you for your time. I would like to wish you all the best in life and in the future, and thank you for your past and present patronage and friendship.

Yours in health,
Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN

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ABOUT Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN

Daniel has a broad background and education in International relations, Russian translation, astrophysics, management, finance, legal, as well as being an ordained minister.


With many additional years in the field of health and fitness, Daniel used his skills and experience to help start an anti-aging company in 2003. From this company grew Body Solutions Rx TM and a change from the use of pharmaceuticals to a new philosophy centered around the concept that "the body is meant to heal itself"

Daniel embraced and implemented natural means to facilitate products for the areas of weight control and general health. Exercising the power of energetics in the fields of homeopathy and theoretical physics, Daniel recognized along with his peers that the body can achieve the same, if not better, results from energetic supplements without exposing the body to the molecule of original pharmacological products. The result? Products that are completely energetic in nature, contain NONE of the original molecule, and work the same and in many cases better then the original product - no by-products are left for the body to process and eliminate - the body only takes what it needs from the product, this eliminating harmful side effects.

Utilizing his credential in performance nutrition, Daniel is in the process of writing and publishing a series of nutrition, PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction (HCG Diet) weight loss, health, and healthy cooking books. He has also invested much time in "energy medicine" and is a Reiki Master on the side.

In addition, Daniel's prime focus is in helping the local community whereby he invests financial and time-based resources to help various charitable organizations in the region. Daniel also enjoys helping a local high-need school district as a part time bus driver and in student management... just to get out!