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Hcg Weight Loss and the Hcg Diet

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fat loss diet bottle for PRIME Appetite and Weight ReductionLet BodySolutionsRx™ coach you through every step of the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction method for the hcg diet and weight loss!
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$74.95/ Month and $126.94/ 2 Months

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Fast, effective weight loss through detoxifying and decongesting the liver and body, opening the P.A.T.H.™ to elimination of unneeded body fat. THIS is our famous hcg weight loss program since 2008 - More popular even than our Colorado hcg diet with hcg shots!


OPTIMUM MAINTAIN™ - Coming 01/15/2016
OPTIMUM Maintain will be changing to an eductional program with materials to further weight loss and improve leanness and better health long term. Our new book due to launch will be available February 15, 2016 for purchase at only $10.95. Additional client consults will be available with a low fee per consult.



Now there's PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™!

NOW, after years of offering the hcg weight loss for fast weight loss - Body Solutions Rx is presenting a BETTER OPTION for weight loss and the hcg diet.

Through trial and error, greater insight has been obtained and we are able to offer an effective product in conjunction with a responsible dietary and life-style protocol to help you cleanse the body of toxins, help open up the body's ability to eliminate body fat, and help reduce symptoms such as hunger, appetite and cravings that often get in the way of successful fat loss and dietary change, and help you progress toward better health LONG TERM.

Whole body and gastrointestinal detoxification and antioxidants support supplements

Leaner body and natural energy support supplements

Weight loss and holistic healing products and services in Colorado and Nationwide at Body Solutions Rx.


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fat loss diet bottle for PRIME Appetite and Weight ReductionOffering the HCG Diet for 10 years! Now try LIMU - Whole body health super food!








Body Solutions Rx™ helps our weight loss customers achieve their highest potential in terms of their overall weight and health – helping them to manage health through the most natural methods possible. We have seen first hand how coming from a place of better health endows our customers with renewed energy and a passion for life they have not experienced for many years.

We offer amazing programs that include our famous weight loss program - PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction™ - for the famous hcg diet, originally based on fat loss through the use of HCG, and now safer and better than ever with our own unique and powerful system for better results.



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The Hcg Diet Cook Book NEW and Revised!

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hCG Cook Book

hCG Cook Book

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Everyone needs to be using LIMU!

fat loss diet bottle for PRIME Appetite and Weight ReductionThere are SO MANY reasons to start using LIMU as a primary supplement in your daily regimen. EVERYONE who has been on the HCG Diet should be on LIMU. 2 additional protein driven products can also aid in weight loss and post weight loss success!

Here's Why:



Fucoidan is a proven supernutrient tucked away in select species of brown seaweed. Through a chemical-free extraction process, LIMU carefully harvests this widely-studied sulfated polysaccharide, that is chock full of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral nutrients, creating the foundation of every LIMU product.

People such as myself, Daniel Riedel, have realized many of the health benefits of LIMU, including:

fat loss diet bottle for PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction


Introduce your body to a Fucoidan-rich core powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are wrapped in a flavorful blend of organic fruits. Throw back a chilled 2 oz. shot of LIMU ORIGINAL, and you'll understand why LIMU is the unquestioned Limu moui seaweed market dominator. After all, you've only got one body. Pamper it with liquid gold.


Vegetarian | Kosher | Gluten Free | Vegan


LIMU Origianl - Daniel Riedel


Read More about LIMU, Listen to a couple recorded calls from members I know, and get more information.


Get more information now directly on my LIMU page and a video from the founder.